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This is a logo I did for Rob Peck of Rebel Panda Productions, which is a really great company that does all sorts of live production stuff. Rob's a good friend who pays me to paint whenever he needs scenic painting.
Interestingly, "R.P.P." not only stands for "Rebel Panda Productions" and "Rob's    Pretty Pecker,"

but  also "Radio People Podcast," an audio sci-fi comedy that I act in, write and draw for,.

I knew the kind of design  Rob had in mind from the start, which is the final Rambo-ey  one  I did, but I took my time getting there because it felt a little obvious to me. I like the end result though; it's both friendly and menacing. 

Sans Bandanna Hoping He Wouldn't Notice

(he did):

Proof of Concept

(after the first two):

Second Attempt
(because    it made me giggle):

The First One I Sent Him

(and my favorite but he wasn't having it):

Final Logo:

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