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Doodely Doo - Brendan Kelly
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I'm Brendan and I like to do things (sometimes)

like draw comics, paint theatre sets, write, and act.

Sometimes I get paid for it   but

most times    I have to bartend.

I live and work in Cleveland, OH with my dog, Rosco

and  one   roommate who's replaced approximately on the annual.

Maybe it's me? No, that doesn't seem right. It's probably them.

All of them.

Unless it's always the same person with a new identity and face... 

Oh, man. Who is   this person across the dinner table?

I'm kidding of course; I don't eat dinner. Or have a table. 

This site is where I'll post past, current, and upcoming projects and works . Please    feel free to hit me up through the "Contact" page; I'm usually pretty friendly. 

A Note on the Font:

I am fascinated  by typography but, while I have a bit of experience digitally lettering  comics,

almost everything about fonting,  much like the barista's  craft with her thunderous  orgy    of foaming   clattering    and mysticism,

astonishes and bewilders me.

At any rate, the font on most of the pages on this site is called

"Hockey    is Lif" from  Divide By Zero.

I have no    idea why I like it other than that I find it friendly

(and I think giving    one's art away for free  is also friendly and I wish  I could do it).

Thanks Tom 7!

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